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Reckong Peo- A Hill Station to enjoy the peace and nature within a small budget

Prarthna Dogra
August 25th, 2020 · 4 min read

Reckong Peo is a small hill station (also a major town) situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It’s located in the northern region and offers a cool to cold type of climate to be enjoyed by all. Its geographical location and serene beauty make it ideal for couples’ vacation and girls gang vacation. It is also a great place for solo travellers and trekkers who want to explore nature, the adventurous way.


Reckong Peo is 567 kms away from Delhi, the capital city of India. A bus journey of 12-14 hours (almost overnight) from Delhi will take you into the abode of kinner-kailash range of mountains which surround this beautiful city.

kinner-kailash road trip

This city is the right choice to enjoy your vacations in groups as well as for solo travelling and trekking as a lot of treks start from here like Kinnaur kailash, kalpa trek etc. The city is a splendid location to find peace and tranquillity to unwind one’s self.

You can plan a trip for 3-4 days here depending upon your schedule. If you wish to extend your vacation and explore more then I have some good news for you. You can always plan a trip to Shimla together with the vacation to Reckong Peo as Shimla is only 300 kms (approx.) away from this city and all the buses coming to Reckong Peo compulsorily halt at Shimla for a good 2 hours.

Wanna explore some place colder than Shimla? Alright! You can head to Chitkul which is a small village in the Kinnaur district and is usually snow-covered all round the year. You will find local food and an extreme amount of peace and tranquillity here.


The lodging system is almost like a cake walk here. Given that it’s a town type hill station, you can expect to get decent lodging and boarding facilities at reasonable prices. Wondering what kind of places are there to stay? Well, we have it covered for you! You can opt for cottages which are easily available in the city as well as you can go for the hotels. Although all the lodging facilities are pretty decent, please don’t expect luxury out of them. You can get a decent cottage at a price as low as Rs. 800/- per night which is not heavy on your pocket too!

Reckong Peo Market

The Bus stand is near the main market where there are umpteen number of places to stay. Be ready to have people approaching you for staying in their premises.


The climate here is always cool. The summer months see the temperature soar to 29 degree Celsius but in winters, the mercury falls down to as low as -10 degree Celsius too. If you are fond of snow then make sure to visit in the winter months as it snows here from December- February.

Reckong Peo Market

You can visit this dazzling city anytime of the year except for the monsoons because of the threat of cloud bursting and landslides. Also, make sure to avoid the first one and half week of February as that’s the time of Tibetan new year and most of the shops and cafes will be closed given that a major population of the city is of the Buddhist sect.


Can any trip be complete before I stuff my little belly with sumptuous meals? Well, Reckong Peo has many delightful cuisines to offer which will satiate your palate. You can find cuisines like Italian and Chinese along with the local Pahadi cuisine which has unbelievably delicious meals like siddu, dal-chawal etc. and are easily available. You will also notice a strong influence of Tibetan cuisine as a considerable chunk of the population is Tibetan. A good number of Dhabas are also accessible where you can enjoy the local Pahadi cuisine along with north Indian dishes. Meat chawal is a local delicacy here. Momos are also available at every nook and corner of the city.

Clock tower café is a must visit for the lemon coriander soup which is very yummy. They offer a mix of Chinese and Italian basic dishes. Bakery has many delicious options for the sweet tooth.

Another great café to visit in the city is the Little chef’s café which has great desserts. Their chocolate brownie is a mouth-watering dish and it is quite filling too.

Places to visit:

Yearning to enjoy the natural beauty of Reckong Peo? Here are the places which you can visit during your stay in the city.

Brelengi Gompa monastery- This monastery is near the main market of Reckong Peo. It is an exquisite illustration of modern Buddhist architecture. Find your inner voice here and relax in the midst of the Buddhist architecture.

Chandika devi temple- Chandika devi is a local goddess who was the daughter of a demon Banasur who was believed to be living in Kinnaur mountain. It is a small temple and people come here to meditate. The temple is situated in Kothi, just 3 kms away from Reckong Peo.

Reckong Peo Chitkul

Baspa river banks- Baspa river flowing from this city makes it an ideal spot for picnicking along the banks of the river. Enjoy a hot cup of chai with a view of the water flowing alongside. You can be sure of running out of space in your photo gallery as this spot has gorgeous views from all angles.

Nako Lake- This lake is situated in the Nako village which is 50 kms away from Reckong Peo near Kunzum pass. It is a beautiful lake with clear water and a view of Kinnaur range will catch your breath for sure. You can picnic along this lake and this location is extremely quiet and peaceful. One can actually hear their own thoughts in this idyllic setting. Some monasteries in the Nako village can also be visited.

You will find many travellers and trekkers here. Mostly young crowd is visiting the city and it is not exactly a family vacation spot. Parties are not allowed here. Bus availability is quite good so you can roam around using the local means of transport. Cards will not be accepted at all places and there are only a couple of ATMs so it is advisable that one should carry cash.

Stay here in peace or go for adventures from here. Both options are available. So, let’s hit the road! Shall we?

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